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{{:crowd_remix.png?200|}} I have created the most powerful granular synthesizer / crowd-source remix engine known to man. Start with any song ever. Local music and your friends music is preferable, because popular music is an echo chamber; music is popular because it's popular. It creates a SOUND PALETTE of the song!!: - Segmentation. - Feature Extraction. - Traveling Summer Algorithm (salesman suck) - Finds short hamiltonian path in 27-dimensional feature space. - Flatten path. Now build rhythms with colors. - Euclidean rhythms - They sound really good Jam with your keyboard. - Press key and save loop. - Recall with same key. Crowd Source - Best loops saved to database - Build composition (either machine! or human! or little bit of both!) Now I can finally fulfill my dream of collaborating with EVERYONE I meet. Imagine combining this a body-controlled MIDI interface? Fuck being on stage, be in the audience and make music by dancing! Combining the internet world of crowd source remix, with local music collaboration, with audience-immersive performance -- the ultimate in bringing the world together with music.

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