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====== Artist Discography Network ====== | Authors | Brian McFee and George London | | Affiliation | Columbia University and | | Code | [[|Github Link]] | | Result | [[|Artist network visualizer]] | [[|Discogs]] is a community-driven web site for aggregating and curating discography data. Their data is publicly available and free for use, and is readily accessible by a monthly XML dump. In this project, we mined the artist relational data for performer--group connections, and performer biography data. The ultimate goals of this project include: * artist relational visualization, * artist network analysis, * matching of tracks to individual performers, not just groups * and propagation of semantic information from performers (e.g., instrumentation or style) to the track level. As a first step, we developed a web-based network visualization tool using [[|D3]] and some simple text processing in python. All code is available on github, and subject to a large memory constraint, should be simple to reproduce.

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