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I have created the most powerful granular synthesizer / crowd-source remix engine known to man.

Start with any song ever. Local music and your friends music is preferable, because popular music is an echo chamber; music is popular because it's popular.

It creates a SOUND PALETTE of the song!!:

  1. Segmentation.
  2. Feature Extraction.
  3. Traveling Summer Algorithm (salesman suck)
  4. Finds short hamiltonian path in 27-dimensional feature space.
  5. Flatten path.

Now build rhythms with colors.

  1. Euclidean rhythms
  2. They sound really good

Jam with your keyboard.

  1. Press key and save loop.
  2. Recall with same key.

Crowd Source

  1. Best loops saved to database
  2. Build composition (either machine! or human! or little bit of both!)

Now I can finally fulfill my dream of collaborating with EVERYONE I meet.

Imagine combining this a body-controlled MIDI interface? Fuck being on stage, be in the audience and make music by dancing!

Combining the internet world of crowd source remix, with local music collaboration, with audience-immersive performance – the ultimate in bringing the world together with music.

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