EESIP Seminar

The Electrical Engineering Signal and Information Processing (EESIP) seminar is a series of talks aimed at students and faculty in the signal processing area. We especially like to bring in experts from other fields to introduce us to possible application areas.

Talks are usually on Fridays at 11AM in Interschool, 750 Schapiro CEPSR unless otherwise noted. Below is a list of recent and currently-scheduled talks.

Monday September 16th 2013, 2PM

The Blame Game in Meeting Room Speech Recognition

Steven Wegmann
International Computer Science Institute, Berkeley CA

Tuesday May 21st 2013, 11AM

Identifying Cover Songs Using Information-Theoretic Measures of Similarity

Peter Foster
Queen Mary University of London

Thursday April 18th 2013, 11AM (in 414 CEPSR)

Passive acoustics for cetacean observations

Prof. Olivier Adam
University of Paris

Friday December 7th 2012, 11AM (in 414 CEPSR)

More like this: Machine learning approaches to music similarity

Brian McFee

Friday November 9th 2012, 11AM

Hierarchical Spike Coding of Sound

Yan Karklin

Monday October 15th 2012, 2PM

Non-negative Hidden Markov Modeling of Audio

Gautham Mysore
Advanced Technology Labs at Adobe, San Francisco

Friday December 9th 2011

Identification of Similar Videos and Speakers

Xavier Anguera
Telefónica Research, Barcelona

Friday April 1st 2011

Schizophrenia and Depression: Evidence in Speech Prosody

Yonatan Vaizman
Interdisciplinary Center for Neural Computation
Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel.

Friday November 5th 2010

Geolocating Hand-Held Video

Hakjae Kim
University of Florida

Friday October 29th 2010

Bayesian Modeling of Audio

Matt Hoffman
Department of Statistics, Columbia University

Friday October 1st 2010

Re-purposing Musical Instruments As Synthesizer Controllers

Miller S. Puckette
Associate Director, Center for Research in Computing and the Arts (CRCA)
University of California, San Diego.

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