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Audio Mosaicing

Authors Thomas Prätzlich and Jonathan Driedger
Affiliation International Audio Laboratories Erlangen (Germany)
eMail {thomas.praetzlich,jonathan.driedger}

What is Audio Mosaicing

The idea is to “recreate” or to “mosaic” a given audio signal (target) with sounds from another audio signal (source). The goal is to create interesting soundeffects.


  • The target should still be recognizable.
  • The mosaic should not sound too artificial (stuttering, computational artifacts,…).
  • The timbre of the source should somehow survive in the mosaic.

Our Pipeline


Here you find some audio examples

Example 1 - Whalepop

Example 2 - Let it Bee

Example 3 - The Piano Opera

Example 4 - Bobbyfication

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