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====== HAMR 2014 Proceedings ====== This wiki collects documentation for projects from Hacking Audio and Music Research at Columbia 2014. More information is available on the [[|HAMR 2014 webpage]]. Please email craffel (at) gmail to get an account. [[|Voting form]] ===== Projects ===== * Brian McFee & George London [[artist_discography_network]] * Andreas Jansson: [[|This Is My Jam data dump]] * Colin Raffel: [[midi_beat_tracking|Beat Tracking MIDI Files Using Tempo Change Events]] * Philippe Hamel: [[Tri-chorder]] * Jeff Scott & Alex Cannon: [[simple chord recognition]] * Ron Weiss: [[WebAudio CARFAC]] * Ryan Clough: [[PickSlide]] * Anastasya Koshkin: [[environmental_sound]] * Hunter McCurry: [[temporal_echoprint_matching]] * Dan Ellis: [[better_beat_tracking]] * CJ Carr: [[Crowd Remix (the greatest crowd-sourced granular synthesizer known to man)]]

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