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====== HAMR 2013 Proceedings ====== This wiki collects documentation for projects from Hacking Audio and Music Research 2013. More information is available on the [[|HAMR 2013 webpage]]. Please email craffel (at) gmail to get an account. ===== Projects ===== * Brian McFee and Nicola Montecchio: [[deepunlearning|]] * Hunter McCurry: [[hpss_for_beat_tracking|]] * Ben Swanson and Elif Yamangil: [[latentartists|]] * Dawen Liang: [[glad|]] * Finn Upham: [[respiration|]] * Diego Silva, Helene Papadopoulos: [[structural|]] * Colin Raffel and Dan Ellis: [[remixavier|]] * Zhuo Chen, Po-Sen Huang, Yi-Hsuan Yang: [[singing_separation|]] * Andy Sarroff, Sean Manton, and Phil Hermans: [[sarroff|]] * James Traer: [[interactive_interface_for_audio_perception_experiment|]] * Tristan Jehan: [[fast_beat_tracking|]] * Princeton Ferro, Ben Iofel, David Maginley: [[jgenre|]] * Thor Kell: [[remix-graph|]] * Tom Stoll, Dennis Heihoff (and Irina Likhtina): [[synaesthesia|]]

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